Admin Menu

If you've successfully followed the installation guide, you should already have this setup.

If not, please make sure you've followed the installation guide properly.

You should have a file called app/Http/Composers/AdminMenuComposer.php present in your application. That file should have already been bound inside your config/varbox/bindings.php file, specifically for the admin_menu_view_composer key.

Add New Items To The Admin Menu

To add your own menu items inside the admin, open app/Http/Composers/AdminMenuComposer.php and add the code for your new menu items.

The already existing code is self-explanatory, so you shouldn't have any trouble adding your own menu items, but just in case, here's an example of adding a "Shop Panel" with "Orders" and "Products" as submenu items.

$menu->add(function ($item) use ($menu) {
    $shop = $item->name('Shop Panel')->data('icon', 'fa-cart')
        ->permissions('orders-list', 'products-list')
        ->active('admin/orders/*', 'admin/products/*');

    $menu->child($shop, function (MenuItem $item) {

    $menu->child($shop, function (MenuItem $item) {